Hair Care


Hair After Care  PART-2

A guide to getting the most out of your extensions – Part 2

Swimming Chlorine may dry out the hair extensions quite quickly. Be careful and follow this easy tips:

Comb the hair gently through and make sure there are no tangles. Put your hair in to a braid Don’t dive under the water Wash your hair with clean water after swimming if possible Hair care products and colouring.

Use a premium quality (leave-in) conditioner to keep your hair soft …but don’t over do it. Too much conditioner can cause a build up and tangling.

Avoid permanent colour if possible on your extensions. As with any hair, dye will reduce its life. Use a semi-permanent colour if you intend to colour your extensions, free of ammonia or peroxide bleach. Bleaching is not recommended.

Avoid excessive pulling or picking of extensions as this may result in your natural hair breaking.

When using Sauna: *Braid your hair into a large braid. * The water and the humidity of the sauna will make your hair wet, *Don’t wrap your hair into a towel and compress the hair as this will cause tangling *Don’t stay in sauna longer then 10 min *Wash your extensions if possible after using sauna.

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