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Hair Extensions After Care

At Hair Extension Centre, you are encouraged and guided in the home maintanance of your beautiful new hair and trust that you refer to the tips prepared for you as our valued customer. The after care tips below have been prepared by a true professional with many years of experience in the rapidly growing Human Hair Extensions Industry.

Item 1:   

Never wash your newly applied hair in the first 48 hours.

Item 2:   

Never colour your hair extensions unless given instructions from your technician.

Item 3:

When washing, always shower making sure your use a gentle rubbing motion on scalp area only and not in the ends.

You may wish to plat your hair before washing your hair to avoid any tangles from forming in the ends of your hair.

Item 4:

Always brush your hair clearing away any tangles or knots before washing your hair. Always repeat this after you wash your hair.



Item 5:

Using medium heat, blow dry your hair downwards shaking it with your hands occasionally until it is dry. You may use a large round ceramic brush to style at the end focussing on the mid lengths and ends with high heat. If desired, you may use a GHD or other quality hair iron to smooth out.

Item 6:

Use a quality serum and apply to the mid lengths and ends of your hair.

Item 7:

Brush your hair extensions and clear hair at the root area making sure there are no knots at least twice each day.

Item 8:

Wash your hair at least twice each week.

Item 9:

Never leave hair extensions longer than 3 months or for longer than the time given by your technician.

I trust that you find these tips extremely helpful and refer to these tips from time to time.

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