Keratin Hot or Cold Fusion (Individual Strands) Hair Extensions Method


Also called easy ring extensions, have become unbelievably popular over the last 3 years. Attaching this type of extension is simple and quick. The human hair is pulled through a micro ring and then pressed shut using hair extension pliers. Why would you want to choose this method of application? Here are some reasons: Gentle and safe method. A good option if you are scared to damage your hair as they don’t involve heat or glue, absolutely non damaging for your hair. Quick application and removal.

Unlike some other methods which take more time, micro rings can be added in under 2 hours. To remove micro rings hair extensions it is even quicker, it will take only about 30 minutes (this time varies a bit depending on how many extension strands you have in total). * As this method is non damaging there is no need to give your hair long break, you can always get a new set done after your old micro rings extensions grow too long in your hair. * You will find the micro rings very light, small and comfortable on your head. A few other things remember: Micro ring extensions will not cause damage to your hair if you maintain them properly. It is important you are careful brushing and that you hold the hair when brushing if there is a tangle. For a comprehensive guide to making your extensions last and avoiding damage to your hair, please refer to my aftercare section.

Funnily enough, a common question is ‘will the micro rings (which are often made of metal) cause problems with x-ray machines such as those used when going through security points at airports’. A lot of my clients use micro rings hair extensions method and nobody has ever had any issues at airports with the beeper going off. I’ve also had dental x-rays and they didn’t effect the machine. I’d expect it could cause issues if you were having a scan of the top of your head? Don’t forget about micro rings extensions maintenance. As your natural hair grows every month, your extensions will move down and will become visible. That is why its is important to maintain your hair every 2 months. With the help of pliers, extensions strands will be moved up, closer to the roots and you will be able to keep your micro rings extensions for longer.

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